About Us

We offer positive and nurturing environment with inclusion of quality educational programs

Nola-Dee Child Care Clayton believe in providing an environment that is secure, caring, loving, nurturing and anti bias. We strive to create a home like environment that is welcoming and value based.

We believe that all children should be treated with equal and their cultural and linguistic diversity to be embraced and acknowledged.

Multi-lingual Advantage

Our carers are friendly, trustworthy, patient, understanding and compassionate. We provide guidance based on sensitivity and positive reinforcement. We listen with empathy and respond with understanding to the children, their families and to each other, ensuring continuity of care, so the children develop a sense confidence and security about us.

We understand that each child is an individual and should be respected for their unique needs and abilities. They will be able to progress at their own pace through the stages of early childhood and development.

Come and visit our centre to learn more about the activities we conduct and meet our friendly staff.